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Translation and Interpreting seminar series recommences tonight

The public seminar series, hosted by the department of translation and interpreting in the School of Modern Languages at Queen’s University Belfast begins again tonight. As ever the topics are extremely varied and sure to offer something of interest to anyone in the field of T&I. On 16th February, John Bosco-Conama is presenting on the… Read more »

Flash presentation time again

I can barely believe it’s been a year since the PhD translation team at Queen’s presented their current research projects, but here we are again. Tonight 10 PhD students will share their projects as part of the ongoing Translation and Interpreting seminar series at Queen’s. As always these seminars are open to all. If you… Read more »

Fetch the glitter glue- I’m making a poster!

On reflection, perhaps glitter glue isn’t the most academically respected medium to convey my research.  In just under a month I’ll be travelling to London to present my research at TISLR11.  That is, the Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research Conference 11. Much like flash presentations, condensing all the information you want to portray into… Read more »

GIS and translation

My research project has never been a conventional translation studies project. There will be no hermeneutics, no talk of ‘the other’, no source text and indeed, no translation. So in a project that tests boundaries and challenges preconceptions, why not push it to the extreme? My research has already dabbled in the fields of linguistics,… Read more »


Hello everyone and thanks for your interest in my research. I can’t believe I’m 9-months into my research already, although I got a timely reminder of just how quickly time was creeping on when I was required to go through the process of differentiation. ‘Differentiation’ seems to have magical qualities that can reduce undifferentiated PhD… Read more »