Fetch the glitter glue- I’m making a poster!

On reflection, perhaps glitter glue isn’t the most academically respected medium to convey my research.  In just under a month I’ll be travelling to London to present my research at TISLR11.  That is, the Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research Conference 11.

Much like flash presentations, condensing all the information you want to portray into a very limited window of communication is tricky business.  Thankfully when writing the proposal for the poster, I had this in the back of my mind so I’ve limited the scope of my presentation to a single, fundamental chapter of my thesis.  What’s more, a huge amount of the information that I would over wise have needed to describe in verbose witterings can be displayed using my new GIS skill set.  As with any visual presentation, limiting the amount of text is a good idea so between colourful maps, diagrams and doodles, I’m hoping conference delegates will be left in no doubt as to the validity, aims and objectives of my research.

Now where can I find an A0 printer that won’t charge an arm and a leg…

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