Registration for Sign Language Recognition Conference nearly full

Spaces for the sign language recognition conference to be held at Queen’s University Belfast are filling up extremely quickly. Three months before the event and there are only eleven unallocated spaces remaining.

Delegates registered so far are based across the UK and Europe and represent a variety of institutions and professions. Papers will be presented on a number of relevant topics, including language cognition, recognition and the provision of interpreters and and the impact of recognition for service providers.

Anyone still wishing to register are advised to contact to request a registration form and return the completed form as soon as possible.

2 Responses to “Registration for Sign Language Recognition Conference nearly full”

  1. Margaret Kinsman

    Afternoon Sally…. not long to go now! Can you please let me know where I should send my Powerpoint and notes? I seem to be missing information. Final programme? Other info; much appreciated. See you soon.
    Thanks Mgt K


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