Flash presentation time again

I can barely believe it’s been a year since the PhD translation team at Queen’s presented their current research projects, but here we are again. Tonight 10 PhD students will share their projects as part of the ongoing Translation and Interpreting seminar series at Queen’s. As always these seminars are open to all. If you can’t make it, don’t worry, the translation team are growing so rapidly, that you’ll have another chance to attend this sort of event when the other half of the students present later in the year.

Tonight I’ll be presenting under the title, “Looking for an Invisible Population” and giving a very brief overview of my project, it’s aims and potential impact.

Other presentations will mention translation in the judicial system, film, theatre, travel literature, translation for children and translator and interpreter training, among many other topics and there will be an opportunity to pose questions to the team at the end of the evening.

Good luck to all my colleagues.

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