Hello, my name is Sally Gillespie and I’m a sign language interpreter and researcher. I recently completed my PhD in Translation at Queen’s University Belfast.

This website is designed to be an interface for research stakeholders and potential clients, interested in booking a BSL/English interpreter. The website is used to share updates about my research, to be a channel for community engagement with projects, and to make current academic research accessible to the populations it seeks to explore. This website is also intended to promote answerability with regards to my identity as a practitioner, intentions as a researcher and justification of my interest in the subject area. For potential clients, this site includes also useful information for anyone wishing to book an interpreter.

Whichever aspect you’re interested in, research or practice, it would be great to hear from you. If you want to get in touch, you’ll find contact information here.

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About Sally

Sally Gillespie Sally is a BSL/English interpreter and a first year PhD translation student. Through her research, she is exploring the demographics of the deaf signing population in Northern Ireland and the resources and opportunities available to this linguistic minority.

While studying, Sally accepts a few hours of interpreting work each week with a variety of well established and new clients. read more