Current Research- the impact of COVID-19 on the interpreting profession

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sally is currently working on research to better understand the impact of this crisis on the BSL interpreting profession.

The initial study focused on the availability of the workforce of BSL interpreters to continue to provide communication support in Northern Ireland in the initial stages of the pandemic. This week long study monitored the availability of interpreters to accept new work and the method by which interpreters were willing to work (face-to-face, or remotely). Initial results showed that interpreters are experiencing a significant downturn in work and that, even prior to the government’s decision to ‘lock down’ peoples movement, many interpreters became increasingly uneasy about accepting face-to-face bookings but that all respondents, who were available to work, were happy to work remotely.

Now Sally is working to scale this initial pilot study to explore the impact on communication professionals working with Deaf people, across the UK.

[last updated 15.04.20]