Colleague Contacts

Below are a list of recommended interpreters and contact details that may be useful if Sally is not available for a booking or more than one interpreter is required.

All interpreters listed are self employed and responsible for their own professional registration, professional indemnity insurance and criminal records check.


Steven Conlon

Sheila McCormick

Jackie Orr

Alison McElvogue

Donna McGlinchey

James Bailey



Cormac Leonard


While booking freelance interpreters directly can often be the most cost efficient means of arranging interpreting services, occasionally, due to time restraints, it can be helpful to employ the services of an interpreter agency. In the UK there is an ever increasing number of agencies offering BSL interpreters but not all agencies have the same criteria to be listed on their books. Unfortunately high cost is not always reflective of high quality, or the fee being passed on to interpreters.

In Northern Ireland, two of the agencies Sally is pleased to regularly work with are

Action on Hearing Loss (specialist in communication professionals for deaf people)


Flex Language Services (pan languages)